Ideas for my own film

As a wannabe film maker, I often find myself thinking about films I would love to make, but would never (at least at the moment) be able to, due to budgets, logistics or time. The genre of film I’d make would be an action thriller or action comedy. I feel these two hybrid genres are great platforms for many ideas and plot points, as well as being my favourite genre of film to watch.

In the action, thriller genre, I’d love to make would be a cat and mouse chase film between a killer and a detective, similar to films like Se7en or Angels and Demons. The killer could leave clues on where the next killing would be, but the detective would never make it in time.
Most of the core ideas of my film came from listening to Gershwins “Rhapsody in Blue”. Its opening calls to memories of 1920’s detectives in smoky bar rooms, Humphrey Bogart muttering softly in the background. This is what lead me to thinking it would be great to make a detective mystery film.

One major element I would love to include is a great twist at the end of the second act, to really shake things up for the finale. For me, nothing is more satisfying to watch than a great twist ending that I never saw coming. I have always enjoyed a twist where the villain was actually close to the detective all along, similar to Broadchurch’s Joe Miller reveal or Moriarty’s reveal in Sherlock. Perhaps then, the Detective could have a partner, or tech assistant that occasionally appears, and he is revealed as the killer at the end of the second act.

While listening to the ending “Rhapsody in Blue” I started picturing the conclusion of the film unfolding. It saw a Detective arresting the serial killer, after finally discovering his identity. As the music gets more frantic, the scene jumps forward to a police interrogation room, where the detective was attempting to piece together the killer’s life. There is a great, triumphant chord near the end that then made me imagine a shock happening, such as the killer revealing his handcuffs weren’t on, and the guards were his henchmen in disguise. It transpires that the police guards working with the detective were actually the killer’s men, and the killer was trying to get to the detective because he had killed his mother in a traffic accident years earlier. The killer would kill the detective, escape, and drive away from the police station chased by a sea of police cars, sirens blazing.

In terms of cast, I am clearly unsure as to specifics on who would play who. However, there are many actors that I always find compelling to watch, such as Kevin Spacey. An up-and coming actor who is brilliantly engaging to watch is Taron Egerton, and I think his charm and skill could work well in my film. Perhaps, he could play the young partner, and his charming persona would make the shocking reveal about him being the killer even more surprising.

Future collaborators?

As you can see, at the moment this plan is just spit-balling with fantasy. But I would love one day to make a great, thrilling and fun film. Ultimately, I’d like to make a film that I would have enjoyed watching. If other people wanted to watch it too, I guess that’s a bonus!

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