Knights of The Times Table (The Kid Who Would Be King review)

It’s been 8 years (well, 7 years and 1 month) since Joe Cornish directed Attack the Block. A Sci-Fi Comedy 'Die Hard' with aliens, it was great cinematic escapism set in rural London. This time, Joe Cornish sets his eyes on a younger audience with his family adventure film ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’. … Continue reading Knights of The Times Table (The Kid Who Would Be King review)

Nicolas gets let out of the Cage (Mandy review)

Nicolas Cage has starred in... let's be honest... some terrible films. His intensity as an actor has been parodied for years and he has never quite been perfectly cast for this absolutely terrifying madness that he can portray. This all changed with 2018’s Mandy, a psychedelic action horror film. This movie can be summed up very simply; if you’ve ever wanted to see Nicolas Cage light a cigarette using the flame from a burning severed head, then it’s finally here to see.

Million Dollar Mule (The Mule review)

10 years after last directing and staring in the same film (Gran Torino), and six years after his last acting role (Trouble with the Curve), Clint Eastwood is finally back. Inspired by true events (surprise surprise), The Mule tells the story of a 90-year-old man who decides to get some money in by becoming a drug mule for the Mexican cartel. It’s problematic, the drama is a little underwhelming, but my god is it charming.