Rian Johnson twists the knife (Knives Out review)

Rian Johnson is one of the hottest filmmakers of recent years. His take on Star Wars with ‘The Last Jedi’ utterly divided critics and fans, as he proved he could do something different with the seemingly formulaic nature of the franchise. With his new film Knives Out, he again proves a master of subversion, this time taking on the murder mystery genre.

Cracking fun that you just can’t Bleat (A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon review)

Aardman have been responsible for some of the funniest and most British films of recent years. There aren’t many production studios that can take a minor character from another franchise, make a spin-off TV series from it, and then two feature films from that, and STILL maintain originality and freshness. However, with 'Farmageddon', they have managed to still do justice to that little sheep from ‘A Close Shave’.

Near-Terminated franchise makes decent comeback (Terminator: Dark Fate)

Terminator 2: Judgement Day has long been one of my favourite films. Its action, its emotion and its CGI are all stunning for its age, and upon countless re-watches it still holds up as one of the greatest films ever made. The team behind Terminator: Dark Fate clearly noticed that, and decided to try duplicating that film. What’s left is a fairly enjoyable action flick with none of the flair of the originals.

A Dark, Daring and Disturbing Descent into Madness (Joker review)

The press running up to the release of Joker has been plagued with two stories. One is critical acclaim from festivals and reviews alike, claiming it to be the greatest film of the year. The other story is the fear that the film actively promotes violence, anti-social behaviour, toxic masculinity and sympathises with the criminally … Continue reading A Dark, Daring and Disturbing Descent into Madness (Joker review)

Explosive Entertainment (Angel has Fallen review)

In the third instalment of Hollywood’s most unlikely trilogy, Angel Has Fallen see’s Gerard Butler on the run after being framed for an assassination attempt on the president. While re-tracking old ground and a lot of common story troupes, Angel Has Fallen manages to defy the odds and creates a pretty compelling, if a little … Continue reading Explosive Entertainment (Angel has Fallen review)