“This is how I win…” (Uncut Gems review)

From the actor behind ‘Billy Maddison’, ‘Grown Ups 2’ and ‘Jack and Jill’ comes an unbelievable 180 degree-turn. Directed by The Safdie Brothers, 'Uncut Gems' is the breakout serious role Adam Sandler needed to put him back in the hearts of audiences and critics alike. Presented as a two-hour anxiety attack, the film is a … Continue reading “This is how I win…” (Uncut Gems review)

“Well, if it isn’t the black Bonnie and Clyde…” (Queen and Slim review)

Telling a fictional but all too recognisable story, 'Queen and Slim' is a politically fuelled road-trip romance thriller. Self-referenced as the black Bonnie and Clyde, it’s a film rich in topical messages and emotional drama. After their questionable Tinder date, Queen and Slim are driving home when complications with the law arise. After a police … Continue reading “Well, if it isn’t the black Bonnie and Clyde…” (Queen and Slim review)

“I Heard You Paint Houses” (The Irishman review)

Years in the making and decades in the narrative, The Irishman (titled onscreen as “I Heard You Paint Houses”) is Martin Scorsese’s latest epic crime drama, telling the life and confessions of Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. Though it doesn’t feel it’s 3 ½ hour run time and the drama is beefy enough to fill it, it also never feels like enough excitement or emotion occurs within the film to justify it’s length.

A Dark, Daring and Disturbing Descent into Madness (Joker review)

The press running up to the release of Joker has been plagued with two stories. One is critical acclaim from festivals and reviews alike, claiming it to be the greatest film of the year. The other story is the fear that the film actively promotes violence, anti-social behaviour, toxic masculinity and sympathises with the criminally … Continue reading A Dark, Daring and Disturbing Descent into Madness (Joker review)

Million Dollar Mule (The Mule review)

10 years after last directing and staring in the same film (Gran Torino), and six years after his last acting role (Trouble with the Curve), Clint Eastwood is finally back. Inspired by true events (surprise surprise), The Mule tells the story of a 90-year-old man who decides to get some money in by becoming a drug mule for the Mexican cartel. It’s problematic, the drama is a little underwhelming, but my god is it charming.

Butch Redford and The Affleck Kid (The Old Man & the Gun review)

Robert Redford has had a hugely celebrated career. From ‘Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’ to ‘Out of Africa’, ‘Ordinary People’ to ‘All the Presidents Men’, he has been a staple of American cinema for almost six decades. Now however, he hangs up the towel in his final film before his retirement, The Old Man & the Gun. Reminiscent of a classic crime comedy caper, the film is a beautifully warm and charming affair that is a fitting tribute to the legend’s illustrious career.

A Sinister First Look at ‘Joker’ (2019)

Plans (and desires) for a standalone Joker movie have been rife for many years. Those plans will finally be coming to fruition in October of next year when Todd Phillips takes the directing and co-writing job on ‘Joker’ (catchy title). With Joaquin Phoenix’s first make-up test being released, I thought I’d look into what we know about what is already one of the most anticipated films of 2019.

“No rules this time” (Sicario 2: Soldado review)

Capping off Josh Brolin's triumphant summer at the box office, 'Sicario 2: Soldado' sees the return of Matt Graver (a CIA agent played by Brolin) and hitman Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro) as they team up to fight the Mexican drug cartels who have begun transporting terrorists across the border. I only watched the first film (made in 2015) a few weeks ago, but I must say I was a huge fan. It was dark, intensely brooding and morally ambiguous. What a joy to say that I felt this one managed to maintain that level of intensity.