A Dark, Daring and Disturbing Descent into Madness (Joker review)

The press running up to the release of Joker has been plagued with two stories. One is critical acclaim from festivals and reviews alike, claiming it to be the greatest film of the year. The other story is the fear that the film actively promotes violence, anti-social behaviour, toxic masculinity and sympathises with the criminally … Continue reading A Dark, Daring and Disturbing Descent into Madness (Joker review)

Explosive Entertainment (Angel has Fallen review)

In the third instalment of Hollywood’s most unlikely trilogy, Angel Has Fallen see’s Gerard Butler on the run after being framed for an assassination attempt on the president. While re-tracking old ground and a lot of common story troupes, Angel Has Fallen manages to defy the odds and creates a pretty compelling, if a little … Continue reading Explosive Entertainment (Angel has Fallen review)

Below-Average Boys (Good Boys review)

From the producers of Sausage Party (Alarm Bells, I hated Sausage Party) comes Good Boys, another film where swearing constitutes 50% of the 'jokes'. In a day-spanning plot that is as weak as that for Grown Ups 2, three young kids get up to all sorts of 'hilarious' adult activities, including selling sex toys and buying drugs. Sometimes passable, mostly uncomfortable, it isn't great.

“I got ninety-nine problems but the Brits ain’t one” (Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans review)

After the phenomenal success of the books and critically acclaimed TV series, the BBC have finally made a film adaptation of Terry Derry’s beloved franchise. Sporting the most complicated title of the year, Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans is the first extended addition to the CBBC TV show. While retaining a lot of the charm and fun of the original series, the extended run time didn’t always work for the film, and some of the jokes fell fairly flat.

“One Small Step…” (Apollo 11 review)

Commemorating 50 years since mankind’s greatest achievement, 'Apollo 11' documents the eight-day lunar mission that gripped the globe. Using only footage and dialogue recordings from the time, it creates a stunningly visceral, thrilling, tense and emotional account of landing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. As documentary filmmaking goes, Apollo 11 is first … Continue reading “One Small Step…” (Apollo 11 review)