Explosive Entertainment (Angel has Fallen review)

In the third instalment of Hollywood’s most unlikely trilogy, Angel Has Fallen see’s Gerard Butler on the run after being framed for an assassination attempt on the president. While re-tracking old ground and a lot of common story troupes, Angel Has Fallen manages to defy the odds and creates a pretty compelling, if a little … Continue reading Explosive Entertainment (Angel has Fallen review)

Below-Average Boys (Good Boys review)

From the producers of Sausage Party (Alarm Bells, I hated Sausage Party) comes Good Boys, another film where swearing constitutes 50% of the 'jokes'. In a day-spanning plot that is as weak as that for Grown Ups 2, three young kids get up to all sorts of 'hilarious' adult activities, including selling sex toys and buying drugs. Sometimes passable, mostly uncomfortable, it isn't great.

Quintessential Quentin flick delivers everything you’d expect (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood review)

Quentin Tarantino is known for being a controversial filmmaker, who often divides critics and audiences alike. A true auteur of film, his latest flick is a love letter to the last moments of the golden age of Hollywood. While his fetishised view of the period is a thoroughly entertaining snapshot, the story leaves much to be desired.