“All I have for you is a word…” (Tenet review)

After nearly six months, I finally returned to the cinema to see the most cinema worthy film. Huge practical action, a mind-boggling premise and a huge amount of noise, ‘Tenet’ is as Nolan as Nolan gets. To say anything about ‘Tenet’ is to potentially give away spoilers best discovered on the screen, so simply stated … Continue reading “All I have for you is a word…” (Tenet review)

I spy with my little eye… a dreadful film (The Spy Who Dumped Me review)

The Spy Who Dumped Me, with the clue in its name, is a Spy Action Comedy. However, it is actually not a comedy due to it having no funny jokes. I also would suggest that a spy flick needs espionage, thrills and believable plot twists. It doesn't count just because your lead characters are CIA agents. So now it's just an action film. And boy is it a rubbish action film.

Mission: Maintainable (Mission: Impossible franchise review)

Mission: Impossible is arguably the most consistent movie franchise going. Sporting some of the most incredible practical stunt work in movie history, the franchise has jumped from strength to strength and has only grown in quality and scale. With the sixth film arriving in cinemas next week, I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back and review the franchise so far.