Million Dollar Mule (The Mule review)

10 years after last directing and staring in the same film (Gran Torino), and six years after his last acting role (Trouble with the Curve), Clint Eastwood is finally back. Inspired by true events (surprise surprise), The Mule tells the story of a 90-year-old man who decides to get some money in by becoming a drug mule for the Mexican cartel. It’s problematic, the drama is a little underwhelming, but my god is it charming.

“You’ve gotta laugh, or you’ll never make it through this” (Instant Family review)

Based on a true story flashes up on screen. I wince. Once again, we have to sit through a true comedy drama, “whoopee”. The trailers made this film look like absolute rubbish, but the marketers should be fired. They totally mis-sold this as a daft slapstick comedy, when in actual fact it’s a beautifully heartwarming … Continue reading “You’ve gotta laugh, or you’ll never make it through this” (Instant Family review)

Christian Bale acts like a big fat Dick (Vice review)

Adam McKay is quickly becoming the one of the most unique writer/directors currently working. After creating classic comedies like ‘Anchorman’, ‘Step Brothers’ and ‘The Other Guys’, he turned his attention to more serious topics with ‘The Big Short’, using his comedy background to make the 2008 Financial Crisis entertaining. This time, McKay turns his attention to the White House during the Bush/Cheney administration, and it’s no overstatement to say that he has created a satirical masterpiece.