School of the Dead (Slaughterhouse Rulez review)

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back together again! While only playing supporting roles on screen, Pegg and Frost are also Executive Producers on this debut film for their Production Company ‘Stolen Picture’. It’s clear why they chose this project. Owing the start of their career to Shaun of The Dead, Slaughterhouse Rulez echoes the British Horror Comedy roots they bloomed in. While this film never reaches the dizzying heights of the 'Cornetto' Trilogy, it could definitely qualify for the ‘Aldi Own Brand Ice Cream Cone' Trilogy.

Brit-com makes a big splash (Swimming with Men review)

Based on real-life events of middle aged men who decided to protest against the monotony of life and start a synchronised swimming team, ‘Swimming with Men’ is a wonderful brit-com with a big heart. Led by Rob Brydon, the ensemble cast are all superb and each have their moment of both hilarity and poignancy. The … Continue reading Brit-com makes a big splash (Swimming with Men review)