“…and the Winner Is” (2018 Oscars Predictions)

And so, the Oscars are upon us! I had really wanted to see all the nominees so I could give my fair opinion on who should win what, but unfortunately our local Odeon decided not to show Lady Bird or Phantom Thread, so I’ve missed them. I don’t, however, think they’ll win anything, but here are my presumptions (and hopes) for some of the winners in the major awards categories.

Best Picture

While I loved Call Me by Your Name and Three Billboards, I really want Dunkirk to win. I think it’s a travesty that a Christopher Nolan film has never won any major award it’s been nominated for, but Dunkirk could, and should be the one that changes that. It’s a masterful display of emotion, but also shows how intelligent blockbuster films can be. However, I think Three Billboards or The Shape of Water will win. I’ll be happy if Three Billboards wins. I won’t be happy if The Shape of Water wins.

Best Director

Again, I think Christopher Nolan should win best director. His grasp on directing Dunkirk was astounding, with an amazingly created tone. I do, however, think Del Toro will win for The Shape of Water.

Best Actor

Gary Oldman was superb as Winston Churchill, and probably will be the winner. However, I really, REALLY want Timothee Chalamet to win. His performances as Elio in ‘Call Me by Your Name’ was astonishing, with such a great emotion and humour. For a relative new comer, this award would be such a great way to celebrate his breathtaking performance.

Best Actress

I don’t need to explain why Frances McDormand should win, but I will. She was phenomenal in Three Billboards, she was gritty, forceful and emotional. I don’t need to go on.

Best Supporting Actor

Another fantastic performance from Three Billboards. It was a real character driven piece, and this shows why the performances should be winning these awards. While Woody Harrelson has also been nominated, it is definitely Rockwell’s performance that should win the award, for his character had such a beautiful development over the movie.

Best Supporting Actress

Allison Janney was fantastic in I, Tonya, by far the standout performance in the film. She should definitely win the award for her performance that was so brutally funny without any sign of hope or redemption.

Best Original Screenplay

The best Original Screenplay award should go to Three Billboards. When I watched it, I thought it was based on a true story, and when I found out it wasn’t I was blown away. How Martin McDonagh came up with such a unique story that also felt so real is beyond me, and that’s why it should win the award.

Best Adapted Screenplay

C’mon, how hilarious would it be if anything based on Tommy Wiseau won an actual Oscar?! I know it won’t for that very reason, but I’d love it if .The Disaster Artist’ won best adapted screenplay, just to see how Tommy himself reacts to it.


Looking at some of the smaller awards, I’d like Dunkirk to win best score. Hans Zimmer’s use of the Shepard’s Tone, and clever mixing of Elgars Nimrod made for a stunningly effective piece of composing work. I’d like Baby Driver to win the editing and could mixing awards, because that was one of the things that made it so unique and brilliant. Also, then Edgar Wright would be the director of an Oscar Winning film, and that would be amazing! While I haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049, I can understand if it wins Best Cinematography, but otherwise I think Dunkirk should win for its beautiful grasp on Teal and Orange. Darkest Hour should win for Best Makeup, Kong should win for Visual Effects, and I really hope Beauty and The Beast wins nothing, because then it will be the award winning 2017 remake of Beauty and The Beast, and that would make me want to cry.


So, there are my hopes for the 2018 Oscars. All we can do now is watch the ceremony, hope nothing goes wrong, and then laugh at how wrong I got it!

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