Lady and the Mum (Lady Bird review)

Odeon Coventry finally decided to show Lady Bird, a film that has been out for months and which has garnered some pretty major critical acclaim. Though it didn’t win, it was nominated at the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay, and it won the Golden Globe for best Comedy Film. This major acclaim got me very excited to see the film, and while it didn’t quite live up to my (very high) expectations, I did enjoy it.

The first thing to say is that while billed as a comedy drama, it is more of a drama with a few funny happenings. There was nothing laugh out loud about the film, but there were a few well observed pieces of relatable wit that did make me smirk. The film is set in Sacramento in 2002/2003, and follows Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson (played by Saoirse Ronan; yes, I did have to Google how to spell her name) as she goes through her final year at school, applies for College (university) and falls out with her mother. The story is fairly unoriginal, but is written with great realism and understatement. As well as writing the script, Greta Gerwig also directed the film (in her solo directing debut) and does a very good job of maintaining pace and directing great performances. It must be said that the relationship between Lady Bird and her mother, played by Laurie Metcalf, is very well played and brilliantly orchestrated.

Unfortunately, and maybe it’s because it was difficult for me to relate too strongly to school girls in an American high school, I did feel quite distant from it. Though I did shed a tear, that shouldn’t be taken too strongly because it seems at the moment I’m crying at everything (maybe it’s growing up, who knows).

Overall, I did enjoy the film, and while I didn’t quite feel it lived up to the critical acclaim it received, I’m definitely glad Odeon finally decided to screen it so that I could see it.

7 Stars

*UPDATE ON 10th MARCH* My sister went to see Lady Bird and she absolutely loved it. As I predicted, she felt she really related with lots of the characters, as well as appreciating the other things I mentioned were good.

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