Day 24: Christmas Limerick Advent Calendar 2017

Seen as though it’s Christmas Eve, I thought I’d treat you with six limericks about my favourite Christmas Film… Merry Christmas Everyone!

mack-billy-510a720fea4b2Presenting the legend, Billy Mack
Who’s hoping to make a comeback
He’ll rip off a song
And reach Number One
Where on Live TV he exposes his crack

rehost20169132c68cb4f-d124-46f1-831d-261033fdf882A marriage crashes like a missile
In a scene that will make you sniffle
When Rickman’s A Knob
Thompson has a sob
In her bedroom with Joni Mitchell

151216_em_streamingholidaymovies copy.jpg
Rick Grimes is having a tough life
He’s in love with his best mates’ wife
Though he finds it hard
He uses white card
To admit why he’s struggling with strife

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 12.01.00.jpgThe God of Sex is Colin Frizzle
He wants to escape the British Drizzle
He’ll visit the US
And loose all his stress
With four girls as things start to sizzle

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 12.01.00Colin Firth is hoping to please
His maid after her lake-side tease
His sexual frustration
Is lost in translation
But at the end he’ll propose in Portuguese

love-actuall copyA Prime Minister who loves to dance
Accidentally gets smitten at first glance
He’ll choose not to be Grumpy
And instead will find Plumpy
Ready for a school stage romance

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