The Problem with Trailers (and why I rarely watch them)

The new Infinity War trailer came out today, and already I’ve been asked by several people If I’ve seen it. The simple answer the people who ask is no I haven’t, and I don’t plan on. Here’s why.

Trailers are used to sell a film. They feature the best lines, set pieces and tease story motifs, and try to get as many audience members excited to see the film. But ultimately, they are made so the film can make money, and because of this, they don’t take into consideration how it will affect the enjoyment of the film.

I always used to watch trailers avidly, so I don’t judge those that still do. Whenever a film was coming out that I was excited by, I’d watch all the trailers several times over and see all the cool things that I was going to get to see in full. But now I am much more cautious with how I watch trailers.

My views on trailers changed when I watched Deadpool. Obviously with a comedy, most of the best jokes are in the trailer. Similarly, with an action film, the best set pieces are in the trailer. However, Deadpool’s trailers spoilt so much of the films action and comedy that it really impacted on my enjoyment. The ‘twelve bullets’ gag, for example, was pointless. The tension of him only having one bullet left was nulled because the trailer had very proudly featured that Deadpool is able to shoot three guys in the head with one bullet.

If there is a film I’m really excited about, I will usually watch the first trailer when it premieres. This is what I did when Mission Impossible 6’s trailer premiered at the Superbowl. I watched it, got super hyped, but I haven’t watched it since. I have forgotten a lot of what the trailer showed, and this means that when I go into the film, I’ll be going in pretty much blind. I have settled the anticipation by watching it once, but I won’t ruin the film by constantly re-watching it. The other key issue is that multiple trailers are released. I watched the first Infinity War trailer when it came out (again I haven’t watched it since), but now we have a second trailer, and we’ll get a third, and we’ll get TV spots and teaser images, and all of this just goes to ruining the main parts the film.

I’ve gotten to the point where I often close my eyes and try to ignore the trailers at the cinema. Because I go quite often, I‘m bombarded with the same trailers over and over, and it really does start ruining some of the big films of the year. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen the Isle of Dogs trailer, and this makes me very worried that I won’t enjoy Wes Andersons latest film as much.

Like I said, trailers are ultimately used to sell a film. But if I know already that I’m going to see the film (like I’m clearly going to see Avengers) then what’s the point in watching the trailer? But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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